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Xiantao Yongli Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing company with more than 20 independent research and development products and patented technology. The patented technology has been widely used in the nonwoven and plastic industries. Our company can offer customers professional OEM/ODM processing services. So what can we do for

1. Professional Knowledge. Our company boasts over 26 years of experience in the production, supply, and sale ofnon-woven products, which can provide customers with all sorts of professional solutions and advice.

2. New Product Customization. Our company has a crackteam responsible for R&D and fostering in-depth cooperation with all types of universities andresearch institutes. Moreover, our company can conduct R&D of customized new products based on customer needs and product characteristics.

3. One-Stop Procurement.Our company has owned more than 100 kinds of products covering the non-woven and plastic industries, which are extensively employed in industries including healthcare, labor protection, food, and beauty, to meet the needs of one-stop shoppingfor customers.

4. Comprehensive Service. Our company has established a production and sale service system at all fronts including product production, freight and logistics, export customs declaration, and post-sales service, which can provide customers with quality assurance in procurement.